Sign a PDF document 100% free

One or multiple signers, READY IN UNDER 2 minutes

Unlimited electronic signatures
What documents can I sign?

You can sign any PDF document, including employment and rental agreements, gift and loan agreements, among many other type of documents.

Works great on any device

Aatos Sign works on computers and mobile devices. When you send an invite for others to sign the document, you can be sure their experience is smooth on any device.

Highest level of security

In addition to the digital signature, the document saves a signature certificate and a timestamp of the signing moment, allowing for the signature to be verified more precisely than a traditional signature.

Sign alone or collaborate

Aatos Sign offers effortless E-signatures with instant notifications.
  • Upload & sign a document only yourself, or...
  • If you need others to sign as well, send invitations and get notified when it's done

130 000+ happy signers

Electronic signature in Aatos Sign

Using an electronic signature is an easy way to collect signatures for your document. In Aatos, you can handle the electronic signature completely free of charge. Your document is stored securely, and only the signing parties have access to it.

  1. Choose the signers

Depending on the document, you can choose who you want to sign the document electronically. You can also request signatures from multiple people.

2. Upload the document and enter the signer's details

Upload the document to be signed to the service. After this, you can enter your own details and those of the signers. Signature invitations are conveniently sent to the individuals via email.

3. Signing the document

The selected individuals will receive signature invitations directly to their email. From the invitation, they can easily preview the document and create an electronic signature. Signing can be done on all devices.

You will receive an email notification when everyone has signed the document, and it is available for download. The document remains safe on your Aatos account, but if you wish, you can also delete it from the system after downloading.

Easy and secure electronic signature

Collect electronic signatures for your PDF document effortlessly and completely free of charge. Choose who will sign the document and send signature invitations via email.
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