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When you create your Will in Aatos, you don't have to worry about printing, storing or updating it. Your Will is always accessible and up to date.

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Aatos Carefree subscription is the most cost-effective way of writing your Will and keeping it always up to date. Can be cancelled anytime.


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"So simple and good. The questions and choices were so clear. You didn't need to worry about the text being legally correct. A very affordable service that allows changes at no extra cost and access to legal assistance.."
John M.
"Easy for someone without legal knowledge and without anyone in the close circle who could help. I recommend to everyone considering making a will and not wanting to pay dearly for lawyers."
Margaret A.
"The system's questions were clear and easy to answer. The system seemed to handle everything comprehensively. The final document also looks professionally made."
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Aatos Carefree

Creating a Will with Aatos guarantees that your document is not only legally sound and customised to your needs but also remains current. It's also the most cost-efficient way of writing your Will. In comparison, the cost of creating a Will with other UK providers can range from £250 to £900 per document. In contrast, Aatos offers a Carefree subscription for just £99 per year. Aatos Carefree includes the benefits of unlimited updates and anytime access to your Will. The Aatos Carefree subscription ensures your Will is always up to date. All documents you generate are securely stored in your account, allowing you to modify them at your convenience. Additionally, you will receive hard copies of these documents at your doorstep, without any additional charges.

Writing your Will Online

Creating your Will online with Aatos ensures your final wishes are legally binding and clearly documented. Aatos simplifies the will-making process, allowing you to draft a personalised will comfortably from home, eliminating the need for costly legal fees or appointments. Our intuitive platform guides you, ensuring your will meets your specific needs. Aatos offers the convenience of online will creation and the flexibility to update your document as circumstances change. Whether it's changes in assets, family dynamics, or personal wishes, Aatos allows for easy Will modifications. Your will is securely stored and easily accessible, ensuring your affairs are in order and your loved ones are protected as intended.

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