The story of Aatos begins in 2020. It started as a response to the challenge of being able to perform a probate properly.

Many people find themselves having to navigate through the paperwork jungle of probate and interpret official instructions on their own during their lifetime. At a moment when you have just lost a loved one.

We were four friends who combined our legal, business, and technical knowledge and began to develop an online service where one could independently create legal documents. The result was a user-friendly and inexpensive legal service in which, step by step, you get help in drafting important legal agreements.

Soon we realised that in addition to the challenges of probate, ordinary people often fail to draft the most common legal documents. We quickly understood why.

Finding a lawyer is difficult. Often, you do not know what it will cost until afterwards. And nothing can be handled directly from your living room sofa, but clients need to drag themselves in person to law firms.

So Aatos was born – to make life easier for ordinary people, and to enable everyone to better protect their lives.

From thoughts to actions

Aatos is an online service developed by lawyers, which combines the latest technology. We implement people-oriented services, so the ordinary person doesn't need to delve into legalese, rather the service maps out their personal situation step by step.

Every document is legally valid and tailored to the customer's needs.

Aatos' services

  • Will
  • Mutual will
  • Lasting power of attorney
  • Probate
  • Distribution of estate
  • Living will
  • Divorce
  • AatosSign - electronic signature

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