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"Very clear and easy-to-follow instructions for drafting a Lasting Power of Attorney. The form is simple to fill out and can be completed quickly. It is worthwhile to do it in good time to ensure it reflects your wishes."
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When you create your Lasting Power of Attorney in Aatos, you don't have to worry about printing, storing or updating it. Your document is always accessible and can be edited anytime.

Aatos Carefree

Lasting Power of Attorney
Your Tailored Document
We craft an official Lasting Power of Attorney that adheres to all formal requirements, tailored according to your personal choices and wishes. Your tailored LPA is instantly ready to be signed.
Home Delivery
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We print and deliver hard copies of your documents to your home. One home delivery per service per year.
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We store your documents on your Aatos account. You can view, edit, and use them whenever you wish.
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Unlimited Revisions
Whether it's changes in assets, family dynamics, or personal wishes, Aatos Carefree subscription allows for easy modifications. You have the flexibility to update your LPA and other documents at any time. This ensures your documents remain current, reflecting any changes in your life circumstances or the law.
Ongoing Legal Support
Expert Advice On-Demand
Experience unparalleled support for family legal matters you may encounter, assured by our white glove service. From inheritance matters to guardianship duties and more, our seasoned solicitors provide expert assistance without any additional fees.
Digital Signatures
Sign Documents Online
You can use Aatos Sign to sign a variety of documents, including employment and rental agreements, or gift and debt agreements. Please be aware that common legal documents generally require a handwritten signature in the presence of unbiased witnesses.
Aatos Carefree subscription is the most cost-effective way of writing your Lasting Power of Attorney and keeping it always up to date. Can be cancelled anytime.


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"Simple and straightforward explanations without complex legal terms. You can get extra information for any part if you need it, all in plain language. You can also make changes to the document later on, which lets you fix any small mistakes for free."
Michael T.
"Extremely easy and understandable instructions for drafting a Lasting Power of Attorney. It is not difficult to fill out the form and it can be done quickly. It is advisable to complete it early to ensure it reflects your intentions."
Ethan H.
"I made an LPA. Creating this important document was reliable and easy, with clear instructions."
Mary S.

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Aatos Carefree – On-Going Legal Help

Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney with Aatos guarantees that your document is not only legally sound and customised to your needs but also remains up to date. It's also the most cost-efficient way of writing your LPA. In comparison, the cost of creating an LPA with a UK Solicitor can range from £150 to £500 per document. In contrast, Aatos offers a Carefree subscription for just £99 per year. The Aatos Carefree subscription ensures your LPA is always up to date. All documents you generate are securely stored in your account, allowing you to modify them at your convenience. Additionally, you will receive hard copies of these documents at your doorstep, without any additional charge.

What Is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal doc­u­ment that allows someone (known as the donor) to ap­point one or more people (known as at­tor­neys) to make de­cisions on their behalf if they can’t do so them­selves. There are two types of LPAs:
  1. a Health and Wel­fare LPA, and
  2. a Prop­erty and Fin­an­cial Af­fairs LPA.
You can choose to set up both types of LPAs or just one. Your LPA gives you peace of mind know­ing that your in­terests will be looked after even in an emer­gency.

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