The “Netflix of Legal Ser­vices” Gains Ground: The Re­vo­lu­tio­nary Fin­nish Legal Tech Com­pany is Ready to Chal­lenge the UK Players

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Aatos offers a subscription model for legal affairs, establishing long-term, comprehensive relationships with clients to fully map out their legal situation beyond just a single document.

Aatos, a pio­nee­ring Fin­nish online legal ser­vice ope­ra­ting al­ready success­fully in the Nor­dics, is set to trans­form the legal in­dustry in England and Wales. Of­fe­ring fully di­gi­tal legal ser­vices, un­li­mi­ted legal sup­port and incor­po­ra­ting AI, Aatos is ready to con­ti­nue re­vo­lu­tio­ni­sing the legal in­dustry.

Es­tablis­hed in 2020, the Nordic legal tech star­tup Aatos has ra­pidly ex­pan­ded and now ope­ra­tes success­fully in Fin­land, Sweden, and Den­mark. The com­pany has emer­ged as a lea­ding force in the con­su­mer legal tech in­dustry and is hoping to take a lead in the UK.

We are th­ril­led to take the next step as a com­pany and keep on of­fe­ring more people access to con­ve­nient and af­for­dable legal ser­vices,” says Aku Pöl­lä­nen, CEO and co-foun­der of Aatos.

Aatos is known for its user-friendly design and in­ter­face that now cus­to­mers in England and Wales can be­ne­fit from. The main goal is to pro­vide per­so­na­li­sed and cost-ef­fec­tive al­ter­na­ti­ves to tra­di­tio­nal legal ser­vices.

Our ser­vice is famous for its usa­bi­lity that even a granny could use it. In fact, some of our users are even over 80 years old. At the heart of our busi­ness is the com­mit­ment to create an in­tui­tive ser­vice, and we make no com­pro­mi­ses about it,” tells Pöl­lä­nen.

Aatos offers a subsc­rip­tion model for legal af­fairs, es­tablis­hing long-term, compre­hen­sive re­la­tions­hips with clients to fully map out their legal si­tua­tion beyond just a single docu­ment. Uti­li­sing ar­ti­ficial in­tel­li­gence, the ser­vice not only crafts recom­men­da­tions but also guides users th­rough perplexing legal mat­ters.

Cus­to­mers often don't recog­nise their own legal needs. Aatos tells the cus­to­mer what kind of docu­ments are needed, makes sure that the docu­ments are always up to date and reacts to chan­ges in life si­tua­tions with re­le­vant ac­tions and recom­men­da­tions,” Pöl­lä­nen says.

Annual subsc­rip­tion allows cus­to­mers to create all the neces­sary legal docu­ments wit­hout the worry about costs. In ad­di­tion, the cus­to­mers get access to on-going legal sup­port with no extra cost.

The ini­tial reac­tions in­dicate that the annual subsc­rip­tion clearly meets a need. The ma­jo­rity of our clients opt for a con­ti­nuo­us subsc­rip­tion ins­tead of a single docu­ment. The annual subsc­rip­tion has also been chosen by clients who al­ready pos­sess all the neces­sary docu­ments,” Pöl­lä­nen says.


Aku Pöl­lä­nen
Foun­der & CEO

Mariia Kuk­ka­korpi
Com­mu­nica­tions ma­na­ger

Foun­ded in 2020, Aatos is a Fin­nish di­gi­tal legal ser­vice pro­vi­ding compre­hen­sive, af­for­dable legal so­lu­tions across Fin­land, Sweden, Den­mark, and the United King­dom. Aatos specia­li­ses in per­so­nal legal docu­ments and advice, making legal ser­vices acces­sible and un­ders­tan­dable for eve­ry­one. Aatos’s ser­vices include e.g. draf­ting last wills, pre­nups and las­ting power of at­tor­neys.